Norway is the ideal destination for the sport of fly fishing! – If you want to learn to catch trout on a fly, please call me on +47 97123033 or send an email to English, Norwegian and German spoken.


The area I mostly fish is called Norways Alaska – Lierne, Nord Tr√łndelag. Here the fish are very keen on dry flies all season. Lierne is perfect for those new to the sport of fly-fishing, however the¬†fishing can be pretty challenging even for the avid angler.

Flyfishing is easier than you think

Do not worry. Flyfishing is (and should be) only about the fun and joy one can have when being out in nature.


  • Rod & Line: 4 or 5wt floating line.
  • Bring a net. I advise on using a knotless net with a scale in the handle (McLean for example)
  • good wading trousers and Jacket
  • Headlamps are essential from on mid July
  • Flip Focals come in handy
  • Use strong leader material – Stroft 0,14 to 0,18 is best.
  • Strong hooks


Tying flies is part of the sport. I can show you how to make the flies you need yourself. You can of course buy flies from me as well.